The Higher Consciousness Movement: A Journey to Higher Consciousness



Who are we anyway and why are we here? At many stages in my life, I thought I had the clear answers to these, the two most perplexing yet necessary questions we must ask and answer as humans. Through many re-awakenings, I have discovered one immutable truth…every time I thought I had the final answer…I had it all together… I was wrong. Well, I had a few things right but on the big issues I had just scratched the surface. I’m not talking about acquiring more facts and information, for that is never ending as is our understanding of the complex nature of the world in which we live. No, I am talking about something more transcendent than that.

Some years ago I wrote in the introduction to my book, Confessions of a God Seeker: A Journey to Higher Consciousness” , what has continued as my beacon, a longing that continues to drive me onward…somewhere …to something.

“The events of November and December of 2001 were the turning point in a search for God-awareness that has been the center of my life. These events were the catalyst that led me to challenge and ultimately change my paradigm of the God-experience. As a result, my consciousness expanded from a modest house into what felt like a coliseum. This is what happens when old paradigms are shattered and new perspectives, based on truth, come into view.

This book chronicles that expansion of consciousness. It began in earnest more than thirty years ago. As the title suggests, Confessions reflects the journey of a God-seeker to discover truth. Truth, of course, takes many forms and exists at many levels. In the final analysis, it is what each person chooses to believe and act upon. Yet, there is the conception of eternal truth that does not bend to the whim of individual predilections. This has always intrigued me. I longed for something eternal, not a childhood construct like Santa Claus that was designed to be shattered, or the dubious mythical foundations of most religious dogma. Indeed, it was this longing that propelled my initial search for spiritual truth.

Over many years and numerous spiritual teachings, paths, and religions, my journey has taken me to what I have come to view as the heart of truth, the eternal bedrock that is unchanging and just is. In this book, I describe this journey and the often astounding discoveries and captivating revelations along the way. As you might imagine, it is a roller coaster ride at times. But that is the nature of spiritual growth, especially for the God-seeker.”


It has been more than 15 years since those words were written and the sentiments they reflect so deeply felt and believed. I felt the truths pointed out in that book were of an enduring, transcendent nature. Those unvarnished truths is what my search had been about from the very beginning. The astounding number of five-star reviews the book garnered at were somewhat confirming and reassuring. They revealed my journey had touched upon many truths that could be discerned, even through the revelations that exposed the deception and intentional distortion of facts that were monumental in scope. I had naively thought no one could possibly think about distorting spiritual truths, without themselves having some major mental aberration.


In the end that is exactly what I found. Through the embarrassment of being deceived, as were thousands of others whose eyes were also opened by the publishing of the book,  this experience prepared me to know about every trick of spiritual deception, someone so inclined, could use to enthrall and maintain the allegiance of his followers.

Opening the floodgates of truth to thousands of other seekers whose ranks included scientists, labourers, physicians, scholars, home workers writers, lawyers and virtually every other group one could imagine was a necessary experience on my journey. From a sound legal training, I had penetrated all levels of this type of deception, educating myself and others about the danger of accepting any pronouncement as truth without a scrutiny that tests the individual and their facts.


The experience of writing the book and the backlash that followed was of a nature so astounding that the most creative fiction writer would be envious of the real life drama the book uncovered and exposed. But, far beyond merely chronicling the experiences and revelations that this search for truth uncovered, the inner communications that kept me running to my tape recorder late at night and harassing my wife with the urgency of hearing the experiences, opened new doors to insights I thought I would never understand.


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