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             Path to the Ascension

Few recognize and fewer still believe the spiritual design, goal and objective of our lives in this physical dimension. It is to achieve the Ascension in this or a future lifetime. The mystery and incredulity that life is designed to be eternal, even though we must pass through a transmutation process, called death, ever learning what we have returned to learn. After many lifetimes, our growth in consciousness eventually enables the possibility of achieving the Ascension. In spite of the life demonstration of Jesus, most humans, indeed most Christians do not understand that this demonstration was for their benefit and their emulation.

Yet, this is the reason Jesus the Christ came to this planet.  It was for the express purpose of teaching and demonstrating this great truth about human destiny. He was not the first to do so nor has he been the last. The victory of Ascension has always been available to those few who understood the message and demonstration of Jesus.

The Christian Church that arose after Jesus’ death saw strategic organizational advantage in portraying Jesus as the exclusive Son of God, indeed God itself.  However, it is now clear from many corroborating sources that this was not his intent nor his instruction to his disciples at the time of his Ascension.  Jesus consistently conveyed the idea that he was both the Son of Man and the Son of God. He was saying, this description is applicable to all humans. The death, resurrection and, most importantly, his Ascension were the reasons for his incarnation in the first place. Ascension is more than a mere word. It is a reality that undergirds one of the largest religions in the world, for Christianity is founded on the three final acts of Jesus’ life , his Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension.

Few are aware of the level and specificity of information that demonstrates and substantiates these statements. However,

Victory of the Ascension

 Victory of the Ascension

this will be our task over the coming weeks, months and years. The evidence that corroborates and expands on the Bible’s version of his life, death, resurrection and Ascension is formidable and is derived from sources that carry a high level of credibility. Humankind has accepted the certainty of death having found its definitive cultural foundation in the cliche ” the two certainties in life are death and taxes.” Surprisingly, taxes may prove to be more enduring than death, for Ascension is the alternative available to everyone. It is the alternative that leads to eternal life, the highest spiritual achievement available to humanity.

 As indicated, Jesus was not the first to achieve this spiritual victory. Those that went before and after him, achieving  the Ascension include such great souls as Buddha, Yukteswar, Confucius, Yogananda, Hermes Trismegistus, Lady Nada, Melchizedek, Krishna, St. Teresa of Avila, Shirai Sai Baba, Mother Mary and many, many more. Even with the enormous contributions to humanity of these great souls, so little is known about their continuing work throughout the ages and especially today. And, this statement is supported  by the evidence of their more recent writings and discourses.

"I Am Always With You"

‘I Am Always With You”

So little is know because so few people know of or believe in the reality of the Ascension. Most of the Masters that achieved this great spiritual victory have moved on to higher spiritual achievements in the inner worlds.  Others, such as Jesus the Christ,  have devoted themselves to the fulfillment of human destiny from the bondage that engulfs virtually all human lives. For many, God (All That Is) has appeared more distant if not non-existent due to the entrapment of human thoughts and their submersion in a world in which survival, fitting-in, the absence of silence and time for reflection sap their energy and attention. But, Ascension remains the goal and divine plan for all.  It is the challenge and the purpose of the Higher Consciousness Movement to help impart this messge to the world.

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