The Higher Consciousness Society and Its Movement



The legal entity under which the worldwide Higher Consciousness Movement is implemented. It is a U.S. 501C(3)* Spiritual Education Organization operated out of the state of Maryland and next door to the Nation’s Capitol. Founded in 2002, HCS has continuously operated as a religious and spiritual education organization, teaching classes and producing materials for the public its observers, participants and members during that period. It is currently embarking on an expanded worldwide mission to carry the message of Higher Consciousness to the public informing and expanding their understanding that consciousness is what we are, even as we experience this physical world to learn and to give back to all with whom we come in contact.


The Higher Consciousness Movement, as such, goes beyond the mere confines of an organization to embrace something much more transcendent. A Movement seeks to convey concepts that can be embraced as the working paradigm of one’s existence. In this case, the HCM principles teach that all reality is generated through consciousness, which is the living awareness element within every living thing. This consciousness (awareness) exists  apart from the vessel it occupies to express life wherever it lives. Think for a second about a dream you have experience in which you were as awake, as aware and as alive as you have ever been in this dimension that we call reality. When you were experiencing this dimension of reality, did you seem any less yourself? Was your awareness just as keen, if not more so than during your daily existence on the physical level? What we are getting at here is that you are really consciousness. You have existence, beingness, beyond what you see and experience every day. As you move your awareness to higher levels you also become aware of the dimensions in which consciousness can explore and express itself. You experience this even in your temporary physical existence when you move through mundane states that occupy most of your daily life. Then, there are periods when you see beauty and sense another realm of happiness and joy that you long to experience more frequently. Perhaps you have had an inner spiritual experience and know there is more…much more.  You have tapped into the reality of Higher Consciousness that can move to heights one cannot even imagine. And, that is who we really are and where our destiny lies.

The Higher Consciousness Movement, then, is the conceptual vehicle embodying expanded awareness arising from experiences in other dimensions formerly unknown to us. It is guided by conscious beings both in this physical dimension and some that have transcended this sphere and remain with us ready to lend their special wisdom, knowledge,  and insight, through the written and spoken word –and by inner communication when the person is ready. These Teaching Masters know the challenges we face but nevertheless aim to help humankind discover the majesty and magnificence of their own potential as humans and the heights one can reach. This leads to a deeper understanding of who they are and why they are here.  Fortunately, there really are answers to these questions, definitive answers, that show the way and how precisely to get there. Indeed, these Master Teachers have reached the highest levels of physical and spiritual attainment, yet have continued to be active here to help all those remaining in the physical dimension to move forward on their own journey to higher consciousness.

Every one of us is at our own unique level of awareness and responds to and requires different  experiences to help us achieve the next level of our own spiritual and consciousness attainment. We have tried to meet this need by establishing a number of different level in which you can participate. Through any of these levels, you can begin or continue the expansion of  consciousness both inner and outer. This maximizes your opportunity in this world to  explore aspects of yourself heretofore unknown and unrecognized.  These can be found in the participation section, accessible from the home page.