By Beloved Master Mother Mary[1]

Well do I remember Holy Thursday! After the disciples and the Master had finished the “Last Supper” and had gone to Gethsemane, the other ladies and I came and gathered together the linen cloth which I had woven and folded it carefully, knowing, in myself, that within a day that cloth would enfold the body of my yet vital, shining and beautiful son!  In a napkin we carefully wrapped “the cup,” and gave it to Joseph of Arimathea, for safe keeping. That cup was to travel far and before this weekend is spent[2], I shall tell you of that journey.

Holy Thursday evening, after we had straightened up the room, so that it might be returned to the landlord in perfect order, I engaged in the most heartfelt prayer of which I was capable, for the next day was to bring to me the greatest trial of my life. We shall not dwell on that day. It has passed victoriously.

After we had given, to Mary and Martha and those who were to anoint Jesus’ body, the frankincense and myrrh (carefully kept, mind you, from the time of Jesus’ birth, in a stable, many years before), John and I descended the hill into Bethany. There, again, I held the vigil, with the help of the beloved Maha Chohan.[3] I held that vigil throughout those days, while the soul of Jesus, separated from the body, passed through the psychic and astral realms and prepared for the glory of his Resurrection Day.

Today, on a million altars, candles are burning to my son. Today, before many pulpits, knees are bent and the words of “The Rosary” are going forth. Through the worship of the people today, remembrance of me, too, is rising, like a blue cloud of incense, not only here in America, but in Europe and the Orient, as well. All that magnetized energy becomes a ridge, over which my life may flow back into the hearts of those who remember Mary, those who remember Joseph and those who remember Jesus. Abstract as their devotions are, through this activity, this morning, we bring back to them, each one, the blessing of a simple and homely family, who lived but to serve God and to do His will. We lived to write on the records of Akasha a message of hope, of God’s goodness, of Jesus’ light and life, so that succeeding genera­tions might read it, so that hearts may be handled and spirits may be stirred. It was our hope that, here and there among the plodding masses, there might be one or more who would step forth, into the shining footprints of our beloved Jesus, upon the Path of Light, and walk upwards (even as my beloved son did), into the glory of the resurrection and the ascension.

We wrote of the Akashic Records and so we prayed in constant vigilance. We lived a natural life and closed a pil­grimage. When our days were over, through the gracious­ness of God and the mercy of His love, we were called “home.” There seemed to have been little accomplished, except for the very few who had the honor of proximity to the beloved Master and his message.

It seemed as though there had been but little accom­plished, too, when my strong, young man was placed on Calvary’s cross. It seemed that little had been accomplished by his words of wisdom, his life of grace, his miraculous healings.

John and I stood at the foot of that cross and as I looked upon the turbulent and curious mob gazing at the seemingly helpless one, I reflected for a moment, thinking, “What has all our long life come to? What have we accomplished? We touched the hearts of a few, perhaps, and even those few are scattered today. Youth and beauty here are wilted. . . “yet on an Easter morning, sometime later, as I stood look­ing at the resuscitated form of the one I loved, so well, and kissed his blessed hand, as I saw the morning sun reflected on his shining hair and saw that luminous warmth in his eyes; as I felt the very texture of the robe I had woven with my own hands, I thought: “Yes! Even if one man has done this, even if-no one but myself and he should ever know of this victory, it has been worth it all. WHAT ONE HAS DONE, ALL MAY ONE DAY DO.” You see, that was the promise of the Father of life, before we took embodiment. It was the prom­ise of Lord Maitreya[4], before we took the initiation that if one could do it and one would do it, all men, all women, all children would have like opportunity when they chose to accept it.

[1] From a series of Dictations to Geraldine Innocente between 1951 and 1961

[2] The weekend of her presentation to students in Chicago .

[3] As the Representative of the Holy Spirit, the Maha Chohan embodies the white light of all the rays and teaches the sevenfold balance of the rays of the Seven Mighty Elohim, which in turn manifest upon the brow of the initiate as a crown of crystal light when God-mastery of the seven rays is reached.

[4] The Cosmic Christ Teacher of the Christ Consciousness

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