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Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
Class schedules
Audio: Selected HCS Classes


Classes will be conducted by members of the Higher Consciousness Society and others well versed in the principles of Higher Consciousness.  The materials for the classes will initially be Confessions of a God Seeker: A Journey to Higher Consciousness, with special emphasis on Part IV of the book.  However, other books by authors reflecting a higher consciousness perspective will also be widely used.

Classes are currently being conducted, and will be digitally recorded for audio archiving on this HCS website.  This will enable HCS members that are unable to attend these classes in person, an opportunity to review class discussions. 

In the interim, the Bulletin/Message Board on this web site will allow the posting of questions and comments by those reading Confessions Those participating in the teaching functions associated with the Great Work will answer the questions.

Please check back to this website from time to time as further information and an outline and reading requirements for the classes will be presented. Classes will eventually be live, presented to a group of seekers, initially from the Washington, Maryland, Virginia areas. These classes will be digitally recorded for on line presentation.  

Classes will be followed by on line question/answer/comment periods focused on the class topic with time also for any other question/comment that is posed by the on-line audience. This will initially take place on the HCS Bulletin Board and later in the Chat Rooms and Forums that will be available in this site. The live forum period will last approximately one hour. However, all questions will be answered and will appear on the forum bulletin board as soon as feasible.   Please stay tuned for further developments.

Access to classes is open to members only. However, membership carries no mandatory financial obligation as all financial support is voluntary and no one is denied access to the Great Work by virtue of his or her financial status. See the Membership section for the procedures and requirements for membership.


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