“It Is Finished”: By Jesus the Christ

It Is Finished
By Jesus the Christ

This rarely seen poetry by Jesus the Christ was generated in conjunction with the work of Saint Germain in the mid-1950’s through light ray communications from the Etheric Plane to a Channeling Messenger in the physical dimension. 


It is finished!
Done with this episode in strife,
I AM made one with Immortal Life.
Calmly I AM resurrecting my spiritual energies
From the great treasure-house of immortal knowing.
The days I knew with Thee, O Father,
Before the world was—the days of triumph,
When all of the thoughts of Thy Being
Soared over the ageless hills of cosmic memory;
Come again as I meditate upon Thee.
Each day as I call forth Thy memories
From the scroll of Immortal Love,
I AM thrilled anew.
Patterns wondrous to behold enthrall me
With the wisdom of Thy creative scheme.
So fearfully and wonderfully am I made
That none can mar Thy design,
None can despoil the beauty of Thy holiness,
None can discourage the beating of my heart
In almost wild anticipation
Of Thy fullness made manifest within me.


O great and glorious Father,
How shall a tiny bird created in hierarchical bliss
Elude Thy compassionate attention?
I AM of greater value than many birds
And therefore do I know that Thy loving thoughts
Reach out to me each day
To console me in seeming aloneness,
To raise my courage,
Elevate my concepts,
Exalt my character,
Flood my being with virtue and power,
Sustain Thy cup of Life flowing over within me,
And abide within me forever
In the nearness of Thy heavenly Presence.


I cannot fail,
Because I AM Thyself in action everywhere.
I ride with Thee
Upon the mantle of the clouds.
I walk with Thee
Upon the waves and crests of water’s abundance.
I move with Thee
In the undulations of Thy currents
Passing over the thousands of hills composing earth’s crust.
I AM alive with Thee
In each bush, flower, and blade of grass.
All Nature sings in Thee and me,
For we are one.
I AM alive in the hearts of the downtrodden,
Raising them up.
I AM the Law exacting the Truth of Being
In the hearts of the proud,
Debasing the human creation therein
And spurring the search for Thy Reality.
I AM all things of bliss
To all people of peace.
I AM the full facility of divine grace,
The Spirit of Holiness
Releasing all hearts from bondage into Unity.


It is finished!
Thy perfect creation is within me.
Immortally lovely,
It cannot be denied the blessedness of Being.
Like unto Thyself, it abides in the house of Reality.
Nevermore to go out into profanity,
It knows only the wonders of purity and victory.
Yet there stirs within this immortal fire
A consummate pattern of mercy and compassion
Seeking to save forever that which is lost
Through wandering away
From the beauty of Reality and Truth.
I AM the living Christ in action evermore!


It is finished!
Death and human concepts have no power in my world!
I AM sealed by God-design
With the fullness of that Christ-love
That overcomes, transcends, and frees the world
By the power of the three-times-three
Until all the world is God-victorious—
Ascended in the Light and free!


It is finished!
Completeness is the Allness of God.
Day unto day an increase of strength, devotion,
Life, beauty and holiness occurs within me,
Released from the fairest flower of my being,
The Christ-consecrated rose of Sharon
Unfolding its petals within my heart.
My heart is the heart of God!
My heart is the heart of the world!
My heart is the heart of Christ in healing action!
Lo, I AM with you always, even unto the end,
When with the voice of Immortal Love
I, too, shall say,
“It is finished!”