The Master Teachers have always been with us teaching, encouraging, assisting and coaxing us ever so gently to take the next step in our own liberation from the negativity, war, selfishness and anger so replete on this plane. Yet as humans we missed the great lesson of one of the most active of these Master Teachers, whose life and death here were massively misinterpreted and misunderstood. This Master was Jesus, who later achieved the Christ Consciousness State of Being.  His continued efforts, since his life and ascension here, have been overlooked and the Church, formed to celebrate his life, focused on his crucifixion and by contrast, downplayed his ascension after resurrection and focused on the mistaken notion that he died for their sins. 

Yet, he and many other Masters live now and are actively involved with the development and progress of humanity That is the nature of ascension and the designed plan and destiny of all human beings. This was the reason for Jesus’s voluntary introduction into this world. His intended message was, as the son of man he was also the son of God. But more, so are we all sons and daughters of mankind and of God. This was his reason for coming and for dying, not for our sins, for they are the lessons of life without which we would not learn and grow. Rather, he knowingly endured this experience so that he could demonstrate that as a son of man his resurrection was an example of the intended conclusion of each person’s life, no matter how many lifetimes it would take for them to learn who they were and their ultimate ordained destiny.

Jesus along with numerous other Teaching Masters (often referred to as Masters of Wisdom or Ascended Masters) achieved through their ascension, life eternal with full awareness of the entirety of their history.  Their achievements in their various physical lives were incredible. At this level of their initiation into the spiritual works, they exhibited  powers to act on behalf of the creator and to implement the Divine Plan. We are all  part of this divine plan. Indeed that is why we were created. This is the touchstone from  which we live and have our being. Most people are thoroughly unaware of this and that is why there is such a gulf between the transcendent reasons for our being and our perception of those reasons.  

There were expectations for our life when we agreed to this incarnation.   A recent article on the HCS website speaks about this agreement and our interaction with the Karmic Board that resulted in our present life. Reading it will provide a valuable perspective on why we are here and what we agreed to and chose as the best path to advance our spiritual growth and balance the energies (karma) used in previous lifetimes. This is the great lesson the Masters have continued to teach as they and millions of inner beings work with us daily to help fulfill the things we are trying to accomplish in our lives.  The single most overlooked aspect of this relationship is the constraint under which all Masters and inner beings must work. This constraint is the law of non-interference with the free will of the individual.  The corollary to this law is the requirement that we must ask for help before that help can be provided.  The most consistent overture masters and other support beings (angels-they are real) make to humans is: YOU MUST FIRST ASK BEFORE WE CAN INTERCEDE OR ACT ON YOUR BEHALF!  

As the seeker reads more of the discourses and other teachings of the Masters they will begin to see just how much help is available. Once the individual learns  just how eager they are to support what ever we want to accomplish, provided it is constructive and advances the cause of good and growth for humanity, a lasting partnership is formed. 

 The Higher Consciousness Society/Movement has as its primary goal, sharing the vastness of  these teachings available to the public.  By their words you will know them and that they are still with us. Once the seeker haa read or heard the majesty of their their message to humanity, they will know the reality of their existence and that they exist to love and guide us to the next step in our journey. “By their words you shall know them.”