The Truth about Judgement
and The Karmic Board
By Ford Johnson[1]


There is indeed a final judgment after the transition called death. However, it is nothing like appearing before “Saint Peter” popularized in human myth. Nor is “Judgment” like an appearance before a judge following conviction with a sentence to follow. Heaven or Hell are not the options. This misconception is still widely held and continues to be propagated by such books as Dante’s “Divine Comedy”,  the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, particularly his book  “Heaven and Hell [2]  depicting his journeys into the inner worlds and many others books. These impressions of “judgement are also depicted in the holy books of most major religions. They all contain some snippets of the true story but miss the mark by a wide margin.

To properly understand this aspect of the destiny of every human life (referred to as a lifestream) one must first understand that the unseen world is real, indeed as real as the physical world. We glimpse these inner dimensions in our waking dreams.  We even experience the movement of consciousness in our day dreaming when our awareness has shifted to another location and we are stunned when we return to our bodies realizing that for a short period, we were somewhere else!

Yes, the inner worlds are as real and as substantial as our experience here on earth. The only difference is that inner experiences occur at a much higher vibratory level that we cannot see or even sense. We don’t realize that these states of existence are right around us but we cannot perceive them with our senses. It is much like a radio or TV signal that is in the space we occupy right now, but requires an instrument to tune in and pick up the signal. Inner sight and hearing are this way. That is why dogs can hear and smell things we cannot and other animals can see and sense objects that also cannot be sensed by humans. This is not to say that we cannot, for it is all a matter of attunement, and we are all capable of achieving this.

All this is to say, those that think they “only go around once and that’s it” and feel they are not accountable for each and every thought, decision and action they are taking, are sadly mistaken.  Such attitudes evoke great empathy from those that dwell in the high vibratory dimensions (e.g. etheric). Their only interest is to assist and support earth’s denizens to wake up to the reality of their existence and to start on the path of consciousness expansion to fulfil the purpose for which they asked for and were granted the right to incarnate in the first place.

We will go into this part of the story of Karma later, but for now let’s consider the process of karma and how it is administered by the Karmic Board. This process is far more formal and structured than one might imagine. Indeed, it is from our many journeys before this board during our many incarnations that we know more about it than we are now able to realize.

So, let us take a short trip to the place and meet the ascended beings that regulate the fate of every human into and out of this earth realm. First, you should know that most of those that administer this aspect of life and death and are members of the Karmic Board, were once embodied in physical form themselves. They underwent the admittedly difficult process that led to their ascension, just as we are going through it right now.  They too had to learn who they were and why they were here and then walk the narrow path that led to their ascension. What most embodied beings have no clue about is, this is the planned and designed fate for all embodied beings. To ascend to the highest points of spiritual attainment achievable while in human form.  We have become so enamored with our gift of “free will” that we have failed to see its deeper consequences and purpose.

If we look at the lives of the most revered and celebrated humans of all times (within present day known human history), names like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Krishna and many others come to mind.  But their lives were never intended by cosmic design or the intent of the persons who lived them to be transformed into Gods to be worshiped. Instead their intent and message was always that their lives should be emulated and followed for this is the fate of all humanity, at some stage in their ongoing list of incarnations.

Those beings today that finally “get it” and can establish a knowing connection with their higher selves and the inner worlds, start the journey to higher consciousness that is not effectively taught in any religion today.

This is not to disparage today’s religions for they play a vital role in the organization of society and offer some knowledge about the destiny of humans and their relationship to the infinite creator. The problem is they have so much of the story wrong. This has led to a history of much good but also much destruction and harm to humanity that has impeded the spiritual growth of humankind.   When people are born into or later flock to one religion or another, they tend to lock themselves in or are locked in through fear of spiritual consequences or social ties they are loath to give up.  As a result, they stay in a mutually dependent relationship that inhibits the expansion of consciousness until the individual breaks free and seeks truth wherever it leads.

This is the real start of the journey to higher consciousness. Depending on the person’s inner hunger for truth and their ability to break free of the human enticements that trap them, their progression to freedom is inexorable. At points before and after the “transition”, they face the Karmic Board that assesses how well that life-stream lived up to the agreement they made when granted the right to incarnate again. The Karmic Board then considers what lies ahead as the best path to balance the life energies  provided and to move closer to or to achieve their ascension in their next incarnation phase.

Let’s look at the real role of the Karmic Board as explained by one of its members:

“Beloved friends of Earth, I bring to you tonight the blessings of the great Karmic Board, that Karmic Board of which I am a member, which has been established as an instrument of mercy rather than an instrument of judgment. We, in the Ascended Masters’ realms of perfection, are so eternally grateful that through the expansion of the understanding of the outer mind of mankind at this time, beloved Master Morya, Saint Germain and all those who serve with them, have brought enlightenment to the people concerning our position in relation to the evolutions which are now progressing on the Earth, upon its surface and in its atmosphere.

It is our complete desire and was, long before we qualified for membership upon this Board, to give every soul and every electron, making up every form belonging to the planet Earth, the greatest possible assistance to the manifestation of its divine pattern and plan. It is also our present desire (and we hope it shall be our victorious accomplishment, depending upon the amount of energy released from those embodied on Earth who are willing to co–operate with us and the amount of energy the Cosmic Law will allow us to draw from the universal) to mitigate as much as possible the karma of distress, to transmute as much as possible of the destructively–qualified energies which are now returning to the Earth and her people for redemption and to place the cloak of mercy around the lifestreams of the people so that they may not have to feel the full impact of the returning energies which they have sent out discordantly qualified in the past.”

The location where these events take place is not unlike the structures we see here on earth except that they exist at a higher level of vibration less dense than what we experience on earth. Nevertheless it is as real to the occupants of this structure and the managers of its inner functions, as any similar occurrence on the physical plane. Here is a brief description of this place.

“Situated in the lower etheric realms is the great white, square building which has been referred to by many as the “Judgment Hall,” but which, in reality, is a temple of great mercy and love, known as the Halls of Karma. Through this building passes every lifestream after its release from physical embodiment, and through the same building must every re-incarnating soul pass before it is given its assignment into a new earth body.” [3]

At the transition known in human terms as “death” the individual is much cared for.  There is no” judgement” from a “God to be feared”. In fact, this could not be further from the truth. Here is the truth:

“A thorough understanding of the great service rendered the evolving souls upon the planet, by those mighty beings known as the Lords of Karma, will take this fear of death and judgment from the consciousness and feeling world of the aspirant and help the individual passing through the change called “death,” as well as his loved ones remaining yet in the earth sphere, to anticipate the experience and to assist himself in receiving the greatest possible benefit from such experience.”[4]

This is what the process of life and death involves for it is a process that repeats itself until the individual finally “gets it” and fulfills the purpose for which the entire system was created. What is that system?

“The great process of evolution requires that the soul of man must incarnate in a physical body and learn to master the control and qualification of energies [life] in order to qualify for certain spiritual offices in the scheme of universal evolution. Many beings, of course, never chose to incarnate, but for the sake of brevity and clarity, we will consider only those who voluntarily chose to assume physical incarnation, either as guardians of the human race, or in order to gain experience and mastery of energy as a member of this evolution.”[5]

Through the rush of human existence with the myriad of distractions faced daily we forget the understanding that we had at the time we were selected to continue our journey into the physical realm to fulfil our true destiny.  We all feel the call but each person wakes up to the call when they are ready and that is when everything opens up and they can see where the journey is supposed to take them. In short, life is a gift and only one in three entities at any given time are selected to make a return to human form to balance the energy (life) they have used.

“In order to regulate the entrance of these souls into physical bodies, give them an opportunity to develop and mature on the earth, and then release them at the close of a certain cycle to make room for other lifestreams awaiting an opportunity to enter the schoolroom of earth, a board of celestial beings was created, whose many, diversified, and complex responsibilities are concerned with the provision of the greatest possible opportunity for each one of the ten billion souls belonging to this evolution. This body is known as the Karmic Board, and its decisions are final in connection with the disposition of the affairs of mankind, except in the rare instances where petitions are placed before the Suns of the system and “dispensations” are granted to accelerate the progress of the race.” [6]

One might reasonably ask, what is this elaborate process for? What is the goal this board is seeking and when does my return journey back to earth ever end?  The answer lies in the goal of ascension. This was the drama lived out by Jesus who attained to the level of the Christ Consciousness. However, his purpose for being here and the result of his life was memorialized in the formation of the Catholic Church that later splintered into many denominations, none of which carried out the true objectives of his proclaimed mission. His intent was always to show that others could do what he had done and even greater.  In fact that is the destiny of all earth dwelling humans, to achieve the ascension and eternal life as a master working to carry out the divine plan for this universe. His life and that of many others, before and since, achieved this goal and now work from the inner octaves (dimensions) to teach, support and lead willing humans to attain the ascension for themselves.  This is spelled out in more detail in the following passage written by one of the Ascended Masters of Wisdom.

“If the soul has come to the end of its cycle of incarnations, and there is a possibility that the ascension may be attained, the messengers of the Karmic Board ofttimes come for the person before he has finally passed through the change called death. Such a one is examined and if his energies qualify him to attain his victory, he is given the choice of accepting the ascension, or waiting until a later date, in order to reembody and better serve humanity.

If he chooses to accept the ascension, sometimes a few days or weeks pass before the silver cord is finally severed, and the lifestream, under the direction of its own great God presence, then completes its circle of manifestation in the ascension in the light. If this occurs, before so-called death there is usually a great lightness and happiness about the person, which signifies the anticipation of release to come. The far greater percentage of humanity, however, are not yet ready for this tremendous accomplishment, and it is particularly to these lesser sons of men that the Karmic Board are so exceedingly kind.

At the moment when the soul is about to leave the body, the personage of the Maha Chohan (Great Lord), who was present at the birth of the person and breathed the first breath into the body, prepares to accept the final breath of the departing spirit. As the Maha Chohan accepts the breath, the silver cord is severed, and an angel or Master awaits the soul, and conveys such a one, usually, to the gentle and comfortable “rest” that is the orthodox heaven of mankind’s general belief. Here, after a shorter or longer rest, during which time the blessed soul is allowed to meet certain friends and loved ones who are available, if they have not re-incarnated or been assigned to inaccessible heights, there again appears a messenger of the Karmic Counsel and such a one is summoned to appear before them, and be assigned to such a sphere or schoolroom as they, in their great wisdom, feel will best hasten the development of the God-nature within the individual life-stream.” [7]

In the inner worlds, beings that have made the journey and succeeded in achieving the ultimate human life goal of the ascension —as Jesus did— continue with their spiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness to reach higher levels of attainment resulting in greater responsibilities and opportunity for spiritual service within the vast creations of the ONE. These expanded responsibilities carry designations such as “Chohan”[8], “Lord” (as in “Lords of Karma”, and a vast number of other titles that will be introduced in later writings.

[1] Founder and Director of HCS/HCM: Author, International speaker,  and teacher on esoteric and spiritual subjects in countries throughout the world for more than thirty years. many TV and radio appearances throughout the U.S. and abroad. Teacher and student of Meditation, Contemplation, Soul Travel, Ascension, and the Teachings of the “Masters of Wisdom.” Also served as a principle international speaker and  First Regional Spiritual Aide for an international new age religious organization in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.
Former Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, Graduate of Harvard Law School, Corporate President, Consultant and Project Manager to the White House, and consultant to many other U.S.,International, State and local agencies.
[2] The common English title of his book written in Latin, and published in 1758. The full English title is: “Heaven and its Wonders and Hell From Things Heard and Seen,
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