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At the initial stages of involvement in HCS/HCM, we have created an observer participation level of involvement.  This allows individuals to take part in twice monthly spiritual gatherings using free conference calling facilities used by HCS/HCM. These discussions are live and conducted by the founder and principle teacher in HCS/HCM Ford Johnson.1 Two of his books can be located in the HCS Book Store (see menu) that are linked to the book store.

Most people have followed may different spiritual paths in their lives moving on when they felt there was more to learn and experience. HCS is ideally suited to such individuals. They understand and seek higher levels of spiritual wisdom and knowledge beyond world religions and occult and new age paths that are generally limited in spiritual elevation. Reading some of the materials available on our site and reading some of the recommended books from out book store is an excellent way to get started. Then you are invited to attend our twice monthly Gatherings (free) to get answers to many questions that linger unanswered in you mind.

While it is necessary for you to register before we can begin this journey with us, you can stay at the Observer/Participant level as long as you choose. However, your access to more advanced materials, exercises, and techniques will be limited until you make an individual committment to consciousness expansion that HCS/HCM was created to provide

Please visit the Observer/Participant page where you can learn more and register so we can send you the initial information packet to begin your study and participation with us. Please click the Observer/Participant link below.


1 Confessions of a God Seeker: A Journey to Higher Consciousness; Elephant In the Room:Controlling Your Body Controlling Your Life –> Click Here

Observer/Participant Level——> CLICK HERE



Membership in HCS/HCM represents and important step in your spiritual growth. It demonstrates your willingness to not only make a financial commitment that enables HCS/HCM to reach thousands more but also to serve others and to enhances your own spiritual growth through that support. Our activities help the individual to stay focused and committed with a ready source of information and insight into ever higher levels of spiritual unfoldment.  The chart at the bottom of this page provides more information. To register and receive the members information packet, just click the link below

Member Level——> CLICK HERE



For those who have followed the development of HCS or who have undertaken advanced spiritual studies over the years, this level of participation would be more appropriate.  If you have read and digested the spiritual teachings we have provided on this website you have a much better idea of the many spiritual perspectives we study, teach and discuss in our various classes and private advanced classes. See the chart at the bottom of this page for more information.   To register as a sustaining member and to join our  twice weekly Decree Sessions, special advanced classes and additional instructional Gatherings, click the link below to register.

Sustaining Member Level —-> CLICK HERE.



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