All reality is generated through consciousness. This is the living awareness element within every living thing.  This awareness exists apart from the vessel it occupies at any given time.  Think for a second about a dream you have experience in which you were as awake, as aware and as alive as you have ever been in this dimension that we call reality. When you were experiencing this other dimension, did you seem any less yourself? Was your awareness just as keen, if not more so, as during you daily life?

What we are getting at here is you are really only consciousness, awareness, regardless of the physical garment you may be wearing! You have existence beyond what you see and experience every day. As you move awareness to higher levels you also become aware of the enormity of what consciousness can embrace. We experience this when we move from mundane states that occupy most of our daily lives to periods where you see beauty and sense happiness and joy in its pure unattached form.

Perhaps you have had a profound inner experience and know there is more… much more.   If so, you have tapped into the reality of higher consciousness. This is who we really are and this is our destiny.

The Higher Consciousness Movement is the vehicle by which we can experience dimensions of this reality that have formerly been unknown to us. It is guided by conscious beings both in this physical dimension and many more that have transcended this dimension yet remain active and involved in our lives and its overall direction. Their special wisdom, knowledge, and insight is broad and timeless in scope. It encompasses the many lives we have live on this and other planets, always focused on the single goal of our earthly journeys to date: to return to our source, a fully purified and perfected being.

Within the last century, these “Masters of Wisdom” have brought these teachings forward in a more open and aggressive manner than was every possible in previous centuries. They use special inner channels to communicate to those who are open to the vibratory levels on which their words and thoughts are communicated. These recorded and transcribed words now make up a vast armada of truth and wisdom that all but the totally cynical and skeptical can hear and understand.

These teaching masters know the challenges we face but nevertheless aim to help humankind discover the majesty and magnificence of their own potential as humans and the heights they can reach with a deeper understanding of who they are and why they are here.  Fortunately there really are answers to these questions, definitive answers that show the way and how precisely to get there. Indeed, they have reached these higher levels of physical and spiritual attainment but have dedicated themselves to helping humans on their own journey to higher consciousness.

Every one of us is at our own unique level of awareness and responds to and needs different things and experiences to help us achieve the next level of consciousness attainment. We have tried to meet this need by establishing a number of different levels in which you can participate to continue your journey to expanded consciousness. To learn more about these levels of participation you are invited to click here to go to the appropriate page.