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Mastery and Freedom can only come to the individual who is willing to give his Life or her Life into the ever-expanding Perfection that fills the Universe around the individual; for all Perfection of manifestation has been drawn into existence by the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love, which has given Its own Life into the use of the individual with Free Will who says, “I AM,” and is the Focus of the great Creative Activities of the Central Sun. Discord and distress, suffering and limitation have only existed because of the rebellion in the feeling of the individual that does not want to give that Love and that Perfection from the Great Central Sun through the outer self to bless the world around it with greater Perfection.

And there is nothing so stifling on this Earth as selfishness. Dear Ones, you can see everywhere in the world around you the action and reaction of this Law. If those who raise your crops, if they do not put the seed in the ground, if they do not give of that which they have, whether it be the seed into the ground or the energy of the muscles to cultivate the food that is planted, how are you going to have food produced?

Therefore, every individual in this world who eats the food grown by Nature—the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements—every individual who eats that food is obligated under the Law of Balance to give back to the Life that grows that food, Love, Blessing, Light, and the Command from the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Great Central Sun that ever blesses it with Happiness and greater Perfection. The individual who will not do that will come into poverty again and again and again, and only suffering lies ahead. Now since it is My privilege—and I have given It a long time—to give My Love to the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements by the Love which I have given, I am the Controller of the life in the plant life of this world that has manifested the Perfection of My Love’s Command to grow that which blesses the rest of life, and allows mankind to embody here and use those Blessings to attain the Ascension.

So when I refer to the Power of the Great Central Sun Magnet, It is the Power within your own Heart’s Flame, within your own Life, to draw to the life around you the great Powers and Blessings and Miracles and Love and Light and Power without limit from the Great Central Sun to bless and bless and bless and bless the life in the world around you, whether that life be in the plant life, whether it be in the minerals that grow in the ground you walk upon, whether it be the life in the air you breathe, whether it be the life in the water you drink, whether it be the life in other individuals who are pouring forth constructive activities, matters not.

The life by which you are surrounded is entitled to your love, your blessing, your victory, and your ability to call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” in the Great Central Sun to draw here the Love and the Purity which blesses all Life with greater good, forever expanding. There isn’t a human being on the Earth who will lack for any good thing if the outer self will make it a habit to just bless and be grateful for everything by which the world around the individual is filled and action takes place. Do not take for granted the blessings of modern civilization and imagine that they cannot disappear, because they can.

When mankind becomes so selfish that individuals are only concerned with their own personal gratification, the Blessings of Nature disappear. The Blessings of Love disappear. And why do they disappear? Because the selfishness does not allow the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love—and all the Powers of Light which are within It—to expand through the individual those Blessings that help the rest of Life to raise into the Ascended Masters’ Octave.

And unless an individual’s life is used to raise the outer self into the Ascension, and unless that life is allowed to pour forth through the outer self to lift the rest of mankind and the rest of life into the Ascended Masters’ Octave, the Divine Plan is not being fulfilled. Beloved Ones, it has been My Experience to watch mankind two and a half million years create one destructive activity after another, simply by selfishness. Selfishness stagnates the expanding flow of Life’s Perfection and boundless Gifts from the Great Central Sun through Its manifestation through all worlds. The world today is in the throes of frightful, destructive conditions for no reason at all except selfishness.

When the Life from the Central Sun that is loaned to the outer self to gain the Ascension—and in that gaining, help the rest of life to Ascend—if that life is not used to lift the rest of life into greater Perfection, then the Blessings of the Great Central Sun Magnet cease to flow, because They are not allowed an opening through which to expand Their Blessings to the rest of the Universe and fill it with Light until each individual becomes a Sun.

You are in reality a Sun Presence, each of you. Your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,” the Electronic Body, is a Blazing Sun Presence. The Causal Body is a Sun Presence. The Higher Mental Body is a Sun Presence, and the outer self should be a Sun Presence. So until the Light of Our Love is allowed to expand in this world the greater Perfection from Our Octave, the Divine Plan is not being fulfilled. You cannot live to yourselves alone. It is impossible. The individual who is self-centered and not concerned about giving to the rest of life the Blessings Life bestows and loans the outer self—the individual who will not be concerned about giving good to the world around it is in darkness indeed; and that darkness is selfishness.

We, who have given everything from Our Octave—until the Light about Us becomes so bright that We must close that off slightly when We dwell with you, should realize to what extent the individual can draw forth from the Great Central Sun the Illumining Presence of the Love that is the Treasure House of all. I could take every human being on this Earth that is poverty stricken or lacks any good thing, and I can pour the Love of My Life, My Heart, upon that individual and those conditions, and I can hold that there until they become luminous; and when they become luminous, every supply of every good thing will manifest. That is what Love can do. And when people lack—whether it be finance, health, strength, conditions, matter not—enough Love to the “Beloved I AM Presence,” enough Love and Gratitude to every particle of Life in infinite space for all that It is and all that It manifests, of the Consciousness from the Great Central Sun, will flow to bless the individual who loves It.

LORD MAHA CHOHAN July 2, 1961 • Santa Fe, New Mexico

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  2. Maha Chohan, [Maha = Great, Chohan = Lord]  Oversees the activities of the Chohans [Lords] of the Seven Rays i.e. the Seven Chohans.  As the Holy Spirit, the Maha Chohan is the Enlivener of Soul. The Maha Chohan breaths the first breath into human nostrils and takes back the last breath. While the individual is in the 4 planes of matter, it is the Maha Chohan that gives Life to each plan. The Electricity of the human being is administered thru the Office of the Maha Chohan. [Based on a Book by Po, Li. “The Ascended Masters:Who Are They & What Are Their Teachings?” AuthorHouse.]