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The Master Principle1 

The process by which all creation comes into being begins with the choice of our state of consciousness. Stated another way, our state of consciousness depends on our initial choice of thought, for a state of consciousness is nothing more than focused thought, which initiates attitudes, feelings, and actions. “I think, therefore I am” has long been the credo of those who revere the thought of René Descartes. But “I think and that is what I am” might be an even more profound insight.

The creative font of all things is thought. When coupled with our inner capacity to visualize and feel what we are thinking (imagination), we have touched the very modus of creation itself. This is the process of creation for everything we see around us, whether created by nature or humankind. While examples in the book Confessions of a God Seeker reveal many steps in the process of manifestation, it all starts with the choice of thought. This takes us to what I call the Master Principle. Once we have mastered mental discipline, we have the key to working with spirit. This is not achieved at the macro-level. Rather, it is a process that begins at the micro-level and extends to every single thought.

“The Master Principle

The greatest power that I possess is the power to decide what I will think next. From this decision my future is constructed.” 1

This principle affects everything from our moment-by-moment thoughts to great decisions in our life. Most people live as the effect of what happens around them, allowing their thoughts to shift and move depending on outward stimuli. Whether television, the latest song, a phone-call from a friend, a problem at the office, or a casual comment heard in passing, we allow our thoughts to be controlled or directed by external forces, often without complaint. We relinquish control of our thoughts and feelings to world events or the slightest trivia that come our way. We do not see the impact this has on our lives. We do not understand the connection between thought and the manifestation of events and circumstances that unfold around us.

Our feelings and attitudes, moment by moment, are shaped by the thoughts we project into spirit. As we have seen, these thoughts make an impression, much as when we press our hands into sand. The force and extent of the thought combined with our feelings (the catalyst) makes a deeper impression on this spiritual sand and thus influences the speed and precision of what ultimately manifests. Fortunately, we are placed in the physical reality precisely because it is very forgiving and requires a certain focus of attention before it out-pictures. If it were not so, a careless thought would have done us in years ago!


1. From Confessions of a God Seeker: A Journey to Higher Consciousness (—by Ford Johnson,  One Publishing, Inc. 2003