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You are the next stage of humanity. You are the next stage of the evolution of mankind. Therefore, appreciate yourself. Face your filter system within your mental body. Understand what you have been given in your religious, societal and familial conditions. Review what you have been given, review old prejudices, review old biases. For in dealing with your mental body, in dealing with your filter system, in clearing this away, taking away the debris, you are in effect decanting yourself so that there is no sediment left. We encourage you to write down your conditions. For you to review all that has happened to you in this incarnation. For you to face it and for you to clear it so that you may move onto the next stage and be cleared human beings.

We deal with your mental body first because this is the point at which you create your reality. This is the point at which your mighty imagination brings you in tandem with your level of vibration, what you create. The law of attraction is much misunderstood and it is true that with your thoughts you create the World however the reality you experience is dependent upon your level of vibration for how quickly you manifest. For at a lower vibration you are subject to other sentient beings vibration and creation.

When your mental body is clear and when you have raised your vibration you can create whatever you want. When you understand this sliding scale of creation you will understand why when you have tried to put the law of attraction into action you have wondered why it has not worked, for you were thinking the right things but you were not believing fully that it would happen and you did not raise your vibration to the point of bliss.[2] When you raise your vibration to the zero point of bliss, things are created very quickly in your reality. This is an important point to ponder.

For, when you understand this and when you really want to create the reality that you want to have you will put in the effort. Not only to create with your mind but to be in the center point of bliss. For it is this love, it is this bliss that is the powerhouse of your creation. This is the key to your mastery; this is the key to you transforming everything with your mental body. This is the key to you healing completely and this is the key to you healing others.


[1] Mackenzie, R (2014-04-22). METATRON This Is the Healing Book (Kindle Locations 130-148) Kindle Edition.

[2] A knowing level of love for and the joy of expectancy that the thing or situation called for is now rapidly moving into full manifestation in a perfect way.