By: Ford  Johnson

It is quite difficult for most people to accept a new and different paradigm. It is even more difficult for them to adopt a seemingly radical paradigm, one which asserts that death is an option not a mandatory conclusion to life.  Yet, as radical as such a paradigm might appear, it has always been an essential part of the Divine Plan under which life in dimensions of reality characterized by the exercise of free will and the death/reincarnation vs ascension options were essential concomitants.  Indeed, death and reincarnation are the inevitable choices unless an individual’s search for truth has led them to the path of Ascension and the Ascended Masters. Then, the seeker upon learning about and becoming the “I AM” which they are and have always been, undergoes a process of fusing whereby this “I AM” aspect of God that dwells within each individual is fused with soul aspect of that person to become the God-Man. This process was most startlingly demonstrated in the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, who eventually attained to the level of the Christ Consciousness, a state of consciousness available to any individual that has embraced and achieved the ascension in a particular lifetime, for the movement into states of higher consciousness does not end once one has achieved the ascension.

As an early agnostic, turned atheist, turned seeker of truth and eventual student of the Ascended Masters, it was certainly a difficult series of paradigm shifts for me.  It was the seeker-of-truth stage that stuck and that defined the substance and direction of my life. My truth-seeker status survived the intellectual rigors of Harvard Law School, numerous consultancies from the White House to the DEA and countries from Indonesia, to the Bahamas to the West African country of Ghana. During this period, an insatiable thirst for truth propelled me from orthodox religious teachings to the Masters of the East and eventually to a teaching that became one of its American Progeny which I joined, becoming one of its principle worldwide speakers and teachers. After discovering fundamental deceptions and untruths in the heart of the teaching, the Higher Consciousness Society and the Movement it fostered was formed. This in turn led to a shift in emphasis and an embrace of the Ascended Master teaching that represented the legitimate legacy of the hundreds if not thousands of masters who were the spiritual giants of our civilization, all of whom had undergone the ascension whose aftermath is eternal life in service to the creator.

The burning desire of the truth -seeker, to know the creator and to be one with this Creative Center has endured, capturing in its wake the greatest spiritual beings this world has ever produced.  The rolls of those that have followed this inner pathway reads like Who’s Who of spiritual giants originating from this planet. Masters Babaji, Archangel Jophiel, Master Apollo,  Master Mother Teresa, Master Yogananda, Master Jesus the Christ, Master Mother Mary, Master Sanat Kumara, Master Solomon, Master Krishna, Master Moses, Master Abraham, Master Buddha, Archangel Michael, Master Vywamus, Master Krishna., Master Saint Germain, Master Dhwhal Kuhl, Master Lady Nada, Milarepa, Maha Cohan,  and thousands more…..

Some may wonder why something so basic, so essential to the spiritual progression of humankind, has been so difficult to discover much less practice. Here is the remarkable paradox. As one goes through the history of spiritual teachings that have been made available to humankind in both the east and the west, the seeds and the  fruit of these teachings have been attempted to be brought to the attention of humankind in countless ways but consistently rejected or disbelieved as impractical or undesirable. The real wonder is how the greatest and most celebrated living example of an attempt to convey this truth to the world was the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus himself got so distorted by the Church in its teaching. Indeed, his resurrection and ascension were intended as proof that each and every human could and would achieve these remarkable outcomes at one point or another of their various incarnations. Yet, the opposite conclusion is represented in the bible making Jesus the one and only person who could or did achieve these outcomes. Thus, he must be the one and only “Son of God” indeed, God Itself.

Yes, the life of Jesus was that teaching moment the lessons about which got distorted by those who felt it would be too difficult to convince the populous that the life and accomplishments of a Jesus were achievable by everyone, especially the conclusion of his life where he demonstrated the reality of life eternal by his resurrection and ascension. His disciples sensing the level of consciousness of the populous chose instead to convey the more believable story that his extraordinary life and death was for the sins of humankind and his life opened the way for each person (sins and all) to find their way to God.  This line was partially true, for unrelated reasons, but was the version the people could accept

This was never Jesus’ intention not the reason for his existence and for the 2000 years since his death and resurrection has attempted in every manner possible to correct this gross misinterpretation of his life that covers up the true meaning and purpose of his being here in the first place. Ascension does not mean death. The Discourse below presented by Master Jesus emphasizes this point.

Ascension is the opposite of death for it means life eternal in a light body form that can become any outer form the ascended being seeks to become. But the incredible thing is, once the church enshrined his life and capped it off with ceremony after ceremony leaving Jesus merely sitting on the right hand side of the father, the church left no space for his reentry and clarification of his mission and purpose. Indeed, it was strategically to their advantage to leave him dead though ascended.  For then, everything would be as it was and there would be someone to pray to rather that emulate which was the purpose for his life and resurrection in the first place.

This history of this distortion and the disingenuous steps the church took to create the myth and the misstatement of his life were chronicled in my book, Confessions of a God Seeker: A Journey to Higher Consciousness. After this book had been published, I began to encounter accounts of discourses written by Jesus and other masters that shed light on the events surrounding his life that resulted in a far different set of conclusions regarding his reality and life.  Another publication, equally important in telling the entire story of Jesus, was the Urantia Book, Part IV of which provides more detail about the details of this life than any other book ever published. The details of the account of his life in that publication, are by and large, not in conflict with the essential story the bible tells. It is just that the bible version is skimpy in detail about some of the most important parts of Jesus’ life and how he achieved the ascension.  Another publication, also more extensive than the bible’s version of the Jesus story can be found in yet another book drawn from the Akashic Records themselves.

In the end, the best way to meet these masters and to gauge the depth and veracity of their teachings and beliefs is to read their words. By their Words You Shall Know Them.  We invite you to read these three Discourses, one each by Master Jesus, Master Mother Mary and Master Saint Germain and listen to your inner direction. That is all that is required to start the process and open the door to begin the work for which you were created in the first place.

Click the link below to read the Discourse of each Master

Master Jesus the Christ


Master Mother Mary


Master Saint Germain


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