The expansion of awareness is a gradual and a multiple lifetime process. It is far more than simply learning a few facts or new principles. It involves the long and challenging process of experimenting with the new knowledge and applying it as often as opportunity presents. The process of changing habits acquired by the body and mine during periods of indiscipline, is the principle obstacle the individual confronts during this phase of behavioral, thought, and feeling transformation. That is why the membership period is entirely dependent on the individual, and reflects their commitment, and desire for change. Thus, learning how to reach the highest level of spiritual attainment achievable on the physical plane, up to the Ascension (you will learn much more about this) is a lifetime endeavor. What the individual will learn during this period of introspection, inner experience and growth is unparalleled in its scope and depth.

As a seeker of truth committed to service, the path the individual walks has been walked by all of the great beings that have experienced earthly existence.  Names like Master Buddha, Master Jesus, Master Confucius, Master Lady Nada, Master Mother Mary, Master Zoroaster and countless others are active, effective and available to assist us just for the asking. This is perhaps the greatest of the secrets and misunderstanding that has plagued humankind. So frightened of and mystified by death, we have ignored or denied ourselves the opportunity to be supported by these great beings that achieved the Ascension as did Master Jesus, and earned the gift of eternal life and service.

As a member of HCS and the Higher Consciousness Movement, you will become thoroughly aware of the writings of these Masters of Wisdom. And their active involvement today in the affairs of humanity.  The chart below indicates the level of support and the commitment asked at this level of participation.


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