By Lord Maitreya[ii]


Precious Ones of the Sacred Fire, it is with great joy and very, very great satisfaction that We are to spend a few moments with each other; and in this, draw closer and closer into your knowledge of the Sacred Fire and the way It controls conditions in Our Octave of Existence. Were you to take the Command in your Call to your “Beloved I AM Presence” and to Us to teach you Our Way of Life, then make the Demand that your “Blessed Mighty I AM Presence,” through Its own Heart’s Flame, moves in and through the outer self and prepares conditions so as to manifest here that which We have in Our Octave.

You might say to Me, “Well, we’re not Ascended yet!” Well, you’re moving toward it! Someday you must have the Picture if you are to attain it in manifestation. But let Me tell you what it means to say, “Teach me Your Way of Life!” That means that We may show you the way Life acts in Our Octave. And Life in Our Octave is the concentrated Energy that is much more powerfully concentrated in Our Action than it is in yours, since there is no discord by which It may be requalified. Then there can come to you, Beloved Ones, many revelations that will be very practical for you to use in the outer world even today, because the way Our Life acts in Our Octave is always harmonious, is always comfortable, is always balanced and pure, and can never create anything but Perfection that brings happiness to all.

Now you have all through the centuries tried out every conceivable way by which your Life did things in the physical world. You tried out your own ideas and your own feeling, and you have not gotten too far on the right side of the Book of Life, have you? You’re farther than the rest of the world, I know. But look how long through the centuries have you been trying out the desires of the outer self and the ideas of the intellect that, while the feeling was to create, the ideas brought forth did not produce for you, in that which you created, the Perfection for which you had hoped.

Therefore, regardless of what you have to do in the physical world, before you enter into it, retire into the Flame of Love from your own “Blessed I AM Presence.” And you enter into that by drawing the feeling of the outer self within the Heart Flame in your own Heart. And as you feel that great Stillness does there come the raising or lifting Power that draws you closer in your feeling world into the great Flame from the Heart of the Higher Mental Body. After you have felt that intense Stillness and Its Power, then call forth to Us to charge Our Way of Life into your way of physical activity. Let Our Way of Life be your Pathway. Then you can draw activities into the physical world that have never been here before, but which are to come as the greater Perfection of the Incoming Civilization is expressed in physical action.

Therefore as your Call goes to your “Presence” and to Us to teach you Our Way of Life, the way Our Life acts in Our Octave, then you can command your life of the outer self to act exactly as Ours does. Now this takes a Cosmic Command and a definite decision on your part that the energy of the outer self shall act as We act, that the life of the outer self shall act through the life of this world as Our Life acts through this world. Now when you demand this into outer action, it will come! And the easiest way by which you may feel your “Presence” is to still the solar plexus and raise, through your Love, into the Feeling of the Higher Mental Body. The solar plexus

The solar plexus is a ganglionic mass of nerves that are radiating forth from the back, in, through, and around the stomach. They are placed there as a protection to hold harmony, while the digestive process of the body goes on, to help produce perfection in the flesh structure. But the peace and the harmony of the feeling has been so often interfered with, that mankind have lived in a continual turmoil in the feeling world and, hence, they do not let the life within live the way in this octave that Our Life lives in Ours.

Now if you want Us to teach you how Our Life acts in Our Octave, you make the Call, and hold your own energy quiet, and enfold it within the Flame of Love from your Heart and from the Higher Mental Body. As you turn your attention to your Heart and know that the Unfed Flame there comes forth at your Call and spreads Its Radiance around the outer self, you give the Higher Mental Body the opening, and by uninterrupted harmony as It flows through, will you find It joining Our Radiation from without. And then, My Dear Ones, when you move into a situation, you have control of yourself before you touch the aura of someone in the physical world who might be disturbed or have something to do with that which you wish to accomplish here.

If you are going to hold harmony in your world and produce the Miracles We want you to have, the first place you must control the energy harmoniously is within your own feeling world. And you will find as you just still the outer for a few moments, and then as you give it into the Control of the Unfed Flame in your Heart and to the enfolding Flame from the Higher Mental Body just for a few moments, then make your Call, and go into outer action, you will find you will draw many, many wonderful Powers from the Higher Mental Body into your outer use.

And I am stressing this because the Higher Mental Body is always waiting to release these Powers into your outer use and direction; but It cannot and will not release those Powers until you have gained control over the feeling of your own solar plexus and have learned by habit to still that energy whenever you want the Gift or the Power from the “Presence” to act in your outer conditions.

The moment you still the energy in your feeling world and raise it into the Possession and Control of the Unfed Flame in your Heart and into the Higher Mental Body’s Control, then the “Presence” can hold command of the atmosphere about you; and It drops, as it were, a curtain of Its own Flame in and around you to hold gathered within you, your own energy. And as long as you hold that quiet, then whatever is necessary to control conditions in the situation, you can control with the feeling of mastery because the Sacred Fire—which is the Unfed Flame in your Heart and in your Higher Mental Body—is always the Master Element that holds energy in balanced action.

Master Element that holds energy in balanced action. Therefore, if you give the energy of the outer self into the Possession of your own Heart’s Flame, and then raise into the Possession of the Higher Mental Body, you have disconnected the streams of energy that ordinarily flow out from you. You have disconnected them from the discord of the world around you; and you have drawn within your own Powerhouse your energy, and raised it into the Control of the Higher Mental Body. Then, because of the great calm, poised control, It can blaze around you those Activities of the Sacred Fire that purify the energy or the conditions with which you must deal, and enable you to get accomplished that which is constructive in a very much shorter time than otherwise would be.

And this takes the struggle out of your daily activities. The moment you are content, My Dear Ones, to surrender the control of your feelings into the Possession of the Unfed Flame in your Heart and into that of the Higher Mental Body—the moment you are willing to surrender that, peace comes on the instant. And that is why this must come first before the tremendous release of the greater Powers of greater energy in your own Life Streams can come into your outer, physical use to do what the world calls miraculous. This has gone on a long while, My Dear Ones, in mankind’s outer activities. Many have turned away from the discord and sought the silence within; and whenever they have accomplished that, power and control comes into the outer conditions, and just naturally things set themselves in Divine Order. Balance takes place. Everything goes along in the Divine Order that enables you to accomplish that which fulfills the Divine Plan.

Now when I said, when you turn your attention to your “Presence” and hold control of your feeling, then lift it to the Higher Mental Body—when I said you withdraw the energy around you, I want to show you what happens. Ordinarily, when the guard is not up over the feeling world, the radiation of the energy from the physical body and the feeling world pours forth in straight rays of Light. Just streams of energy are constantly radiating out from your physical body. That is when you have plenty of energy within and are rested and positive. But after several hours of activity or in moving among discord, if you do not know how to protect yourselves—the contact of that constant radiation out into the atmosphere of other people—there comes a suction, and it keeps drawing off the energy that was within the body. And then you begin to feel tired and distressed. Could you see that from the Inner standpoint, where the rays of Light are strong and positive in the morning when you are rested—when you become tired they droop, just like that, with the weight of the discordant substance in the atmosphere in which you move or the radiation of the discord from others.

That is why when I said, when you still the solar plexus and draw the energy of the outer self into the Possession and Control of the Unfed Flame, raise it to the Higher Mental Body—It immediately drops around you a curtain of Its own Cosmic Fire; and that is what enables you to go forth into conditions, pour into them what corrects the wrong, and stand the guard over that which is right. This is a powerful Protection which all of you need, because the outpouring of your own radiation is the thing that either keeps harmony about you and attracts to you what you require, or, if it be discordant and depressed, drops, and you have no protection. The destructive forces ride in on your own energy, and the next thing you know you have something to handle.

Now you say to Me, “Well, what about our Tubes of Light?” Well, what about Them? That’s just what I am talking about! When you become discordant or distressed, the Protection of your Tube of Light is down, and it has opened up and let the destructive energy from the outer world come into your feeling world.

There is nothing so necessary in all mankind’s outer activities as a calm, poised, inner control of the energy at the solar plexus, with the authority of the outer self that it be raised into the Control of the Unfed Flame in the Heart, and again raised into the Control of the Higher Mental Body. Then It can fill up the Cup and re-energize the outer self, drop the Flame of Its Protecting Love, and enable you to go forth and try again to accomplish that which is constructive.

Now all through the centuries various activities of Protection have been offered to mankind. In the beginning, around the emotional body—which extends for at least three feet on each side of the physical body—there was a natural Oval of Light Substance from the Higher Mental Body that was a natural, enfolding Outpouring of absolute Purity from the Higher Mental Body around the energy of the emotional body of the outer self. But as time went on and discord from within was allowed to charge into that substance, it was just as if the discord tore a hole in a fine chiffon garment, and another one occurred, again and again, until that entire protecting Oval of Light Substance was destroyed.

And that is why the Mighty Saint Germain gave you the exercise of the Tube of Light for energizing the outer self, that this might be reestablished if you make the Call. This was a natural, enfolding Oval of Light; and you lived in that, My Dear Ones, in the two first Golden Ages as a natural, enfolding Oval of Light Substance about the physical body, just as the Ascended Masters today come and go in a similar Oval of Cosmic Light Substance through which the discord of Earth cannot pass. Very often when We manifest, We come within the Oval of Light Substance. And as We step through that to become more visible to your physical senses, still that Substance remains around Us. And when We are through with Our Radiation and retire within that, We raise Its vibratory action and disappear. And it is just as mechanical as an airplane.

Try to realize that because a thing is invisible does not mean that it is not made of visible, tangible substance, because if it happens to be invisible to your physical sight, it is not invisible to Us. When you realize how limited is the action of the senses through the physical body, you’ll understand what I mean. The actual Power of Sight from within the Higher Mental Body only functions through the physical eyes when the vibratory action of the optic nerve is functioning within certain octaves of vibration. And that is a very small proportion of what We speak of as the vibratory action of the magnetic spectrum. You hear within certain rates of vibration. You see within certain rates of vibration. You can feel farther than you can hear or see at the present time; but below your power of sight and above your power of sight are infinite rates of vibration in the energy of the Universe wherein there is consciousness; and you can be conscious of what is there, just as well as conscious of what is here.

Every night, My Dear Ones, your waking faculties go somewhere while the body sleeps. You know you are not all in that body on the bed, are you? Oh, no! Very little of you is there, just enough of the energy to keep the vital processes of the body in action. But most of your consciousness, your power of sight, your faculty of sight, your faculty of hearing, your faculty of feeling, your faculty of speech, your power of action, mark you, has withdrawn to a very large extent from the atomic structure of the body. And your faculties go somewhere else and do something else in bodies of substance in which you are alive, because you know that you have brought back the memory of thinking and feeling and speaking and acting in the substance and in the body of that which is not the physical body that you leave asleep.

So your physical senses, or what you call physical senses, are also elastic. They come and go. They come and go from this outer self to this other Inner Octave of Life. And there you see the Way of Life, the way Life acts there. When you’re in the physical body, you see the way life acts here. Therefore, if you come into Our Octave and try to understand how Our Life controls conditions there, if you bring the memory of that back into your waking consciousness, and the feeling with it, you have but to keep your attention upon the memory of that and enable yourselves to feel it again and again in order to draw those same Powers of Life into your outer use.

Now it is as simple as your ABCs. You don’t think so this moment, but one day you will! And when you do, and you have proved that I have told you the Truth this hour, what will have happened to your thoughts and your feelings of the present that think you can’t do that now? What will have become of the thought and feeling in your life that you can’t do it, after you can do it? What happens to that which said, “I can’t”? You think it through. That was only a rate of vibration in your thoughts, in your mental body and in your feeling world and in your speech. It was only a thought and a picture. It was just a passing wave of vibration that passed through you, and you just accepted it and it controlled your outer action. When you ask to be taught Our Way of Life, the way Our Life acts in Our Octave, then the rates of vibration from Our Octave—Our Thoughts, Our Feelings, Our Pictures—those rates of vibration come into you and blaze out through you. They enfold you, and then you feel them; and as soon as you feel Our Way of doing a thing, there comes the Illumination to the mind that you can do it. And then you try; and then you will succeed, because if you never try, you will never succeed.

[i] VOL 19 – “I AM” Discourses on Supply, Saint Germain Press 2003, Kindle Edition

[ii] Delivered October 14, 1951 • Shasta Springs, California,