People are bound in limitation and poverty and problems and destruction because the attention is down here where the discord is constantly acting between individuals who will not get along with each other. I am giving you a Secret tonight to help you disconnect from the destructive forces of this world by the control of your attention, and by placing it upon that which is the infinitely All-powerful Life and Love and Perfection that fills infinite space everywhere.

And you must do it through the definite control of your attention. If you understand what you can do by the Master Control of your attention, and through that, let the Unfed Flame in your Heart go forth on your attention to carry to that Infinite Life your Love to Infinite Life, every Being of Perfection in infinite space would feel your love and automatically would pour back to you infinitely greater Love than you are aware of or can even comprehend, because that Love is so much greater than what mankind understands is love in this world, that It contains only the Perfection that sustains Systems of Worlds, Systems of Suns, Systems of Galaxies which are the Creations of Cosmic Beings whose Love is Perfection—limitless, all-powerful, and eternal everywhere.

There is this Infinite Manifestation of Life above the people of this world. In It is the Fullness of all that Love can give. But when people are so concerned with making money and keeping down here tied to the things that are their limitations—which they did not bring into this world, which they cannot take out, which are only loaned to them for a time—the consciousness becomes clouded and bound and tied to the thing that creates the discord.

If you want to be free from discord, stretch your mental muscles and think about the Magnificent Love that sustains the Infinite Manifestations of Worlds and Systems of Worlds in Perfect, Divine Order and Balance. There is no chaos in interstellar space. There is Infinite, Eternal Perfection in Action, forever expanding. And the way and means by which It manifests is Love Supernal. If you care to take the time and do the exercise of feeling, for even only one full minute, the Unfed Flame in your own Heart reach up and give Its Love to infinite space, the Infinite Life and the Infinite Perfection and the Infinite Power that is there will pour Its Infinite Blessings and Supply back to you, into your world for your use, to expand Perfection here as It expands Perfection there.

So My Victory means many things that as yet the mind of man has never comprehended. But I am determined it shall learn something of what Victory means to the Life that creates this world, sustains it, and gives mankind a magnificent, wonderful place to embody in, and in which human beings can learn to use the Master Powers of the Universe to create Perfection that brings only Happiness and constructive activity to all that is.

And you can begin that Victory by your love to the sky above you, your Love to the Sun that gives you Life. When you realize the Beings that keep the Physical Sun sustained, that it may pour Life to this entire planet and all mankind upon it—what would you do without it? How could you manifest? How could the Powers of Nature grow? How could you be supplied with what sustains you, until you draw forth the Master Powers of your own Life Stream to produce the Perfection here that enables your own Light to expand and become the Master Presence of the control of all energy everywhere?

So If you want to control manifestation, begin with the control of your attention and the Expansion of the Unfed Flame of your own Heart’s Love to reach up and thank all the Life that is above you for the Love It has poured to this world. Pour your love to the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements. Pour your love to that which creates Beauty that enables you to contemplate that which is greater and more beautiful and more wonderful than what is in this world.

And there’s a great deal more Love in the sky than you understand. What is it in you, when you go outdoors and you see a beautiful sunset or a beautiful sky or manifestations in the sky or cloud formations—what is it in you that goes out there and says, “Oh, isn’t that beautiful!” Because you have felt the Radiation of the Love that has produced those Manifestations! So you owe back to Life some recognition for that. You owe back to Life your own Life’s Love in answer to that which is pouring to you Its Love all the time.

Now this is one of the most powerful ways to protect you against any destructive activity of the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements, because the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements are everywhere in infinite space. They are everywhere in the atmosphere in which you move. You are receiving their blessing all the time, every time you eat a meal. The Love of Life has provided many, many Infinite Blessings for mankind by which it can embody in this world, by which individuals can come into this embodiment in the physical world and use the things that have been provided here in this world by a greater Love and a greater Life than yourself, or than the individuals who are embodying here.

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