THE LAW OF SPIRIT by Ford Johnson








            Understanding the nature of spirit is essential to comprehending the forces that shape our lives. Variously called spirit, cosmic light, chi, the force, shabd, prana, it is all the same. It expresses itself as form, responsive intelligence, creative manifestation, and Divine Plan Implementation. It is integrally involved in every aspect of our lives. It is the vehicle, the energy that sustains all life in all universes. It works in all life forms: manifesting as instinct in lower animals and through thought and conscious choice in the exercise of free will in humans. It is ubiquitous. It functions as the repository of all knowledge. It represents the database, the storehouse of all wisdom and knowledge.

            Such knowledge need not be retained by a single individual for it can be tapped, as needed, from this wellspring of knowledge. Spirit, flowing from ALL THAT IS, is the source of consciousness and comprises consciousness itself. The Divine Spark of God, often referred to as the “I AM” Presence is an aware, concentrated aspect of spirit consciousness.

So too is that aspect of ourselves, called soul, that emerges as a controlling and directing aspect of ourselves as it is guided and taught by that Divine Spark, the “I AM” Presence. This emerging and unfolding soul unit continues as the essence of ourselves from lifetime to lifetime. And as it grows in consciousness and accedes to the instruction and guidance of the “I AM” Presence, it proceeds through its incarnations reaching the apex of its journey, union with the “I AM” Presence in a transformation called the Ascension.

            Throughout this journey, soul, interacting with the personality of the physical being, learns the alchemy that transforms thought into outer reality through its interaction with cosmic light or spirit.  This results in outer manifestations in the physical dimension as form, and circumstances initiated by thought and energized by feeling. This is the processes of creation in the physical and higher dimensions of reality, for all creation originates from thought and is catalyzed by feeling, most notably the energy generated by the force of love. That is why we can correctly say we live in a love system, even as we witness numerous events to the contrary. But, this is the result of the discordant application of the gift of free will by humanity. Yet, the design for our existence has never changed nor has the force of love manifesting as energy that created and sustained our lives along with the trillions of galaxies, suns and planets about which we never cease to marvel.

            The individual, by fits and starts, learns the mechanism of manifestation or precipitation, as it is often called. As it advances in awareness, principally through learning to listen to the inner instruction from the higher aspects of itself, it unfolds into an individualized unit with expanded awareness working in harmony and partnership with its originating gift, that spark of divinity, the “I AM” Presence, that dwells within each of us.


            This fundamental understanding of the nature and spiritual structure of the human being is essential to understanding the way this cosmic light substance, i.e. spirit, works and its generic qualities and properties. Spirit responds whenever a thought form is put forth. Every thought form makes an impression on this unformed energy field. In turn, it responds creatively to produce an effect in the outer world. It manifests thought forms consistent with its generic nature.

            To understand its generic nature and the workings of this universal force is to understand life itself and also to participate in its process. Where do we start?  As the physical level,  it is the stuff of molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, quarks, and even smaller particles.. It its original state it manifests as cosmic light rays and cosmic light substance displaying multiple vibrational patterns varying in speed and manifesting as matter on different dimensions (octaves) of reality. In all of these, spirit also displays conscious intelligence both initiatory and responsive.

            So, what is perceived as wave or particle, or some other form of energy, is, at a higher level of existence, perceived as a form or matter. But in each case, it combines the properties of vibrational motion and consciousness, which together create existence at all levels and dimensions of reality.

            Quantum theory and the holographic paradigm hint at the nature of spirit, that is, it presents aspects of its complexity, yet misses much of its simplicity. As indicated, At the most fundamental level, it is thought, it is feeling, it is love. It is everywhere and makes up everything. It transmutes into all forms and exists at all vibratory levels, in the physical dimension and every other plane within the inner and outer universe. The things that we observe in our dreams and conscious inner travels are also made of this stuff, though existing at a different and finer level of vibration and substance. That it has consciousness is axiomatic, for it flows from the reality of ALL THAT IS, which is all consciousness, matter, and motion.

            Spirit is in touch with all. It comprises thought forms and dimensions, which make up the substance of the reality/illusion called life. There is a purpose for this illusion, it is the Divine Plan or structure behind creation. It is both explicable and purposeful. But more foundation is required before it can be fully understood. For now, it is sufficient to say that thought along with spirit is all there is.  It is the modus operandi of creation of ALL THAT IS and its myriad of delegated units. We too are it; we live in it; we respond to it; and it responds to us.

            When trying to grasp something as omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient as the Universal Creator and spirit, we are forced to describe it from many viewpoints. There is much that is known about this creative reality and force and more that can be said about its nature. Apart from the responsive aspect of its way, spirit appears to be the mechanism for implementing the plan, which is the prime directive of ALL THAT IS embodied in its Divine Plan. That Plan, as best it can be discerned, is to work with every soul individually and collectively to enhance its survivability and promote the expansion of consciousness of that unit of awareness so that it can actively and lovingly assist in the continuing expansion of the universe and the development of all higher life forms (e.g. humans) to the apex of its spiritual potential.

            The expansion of consciousness moves each soul to a point where  it becomes aware of itself as part of spirit and ALL THAT IS. It comes to understand its innate power to be a full creator imbued with the same power of other beings responsible for the creation and sustaining  of the universes that we see and over which we exalt in our admiration and awe.

            This power and knowledge of the universe also carries with it a responsibility to serve other beings helping them to achieve the same expansion of consciousness that has led them to their own expansion of awareness.  Through this design, every being will at some stage in their incarnational unfoldment, take their place in the Great Work of implementing the Divine Plan.

Works for the Good of the Whole

            Of all the concepts that describe spirit, the one that best conveys its nature is, it works for the good of the whole. The concept of serving the whole may appear strange in a society that stresses individualism. Life is a reflection of spirit’s capacity to meet the needs of each and every life form. Yet the outcomes of life’s experience often seem not to fulfill our specific wishes. This is particularly true when those wishes are of a selfish nature, devoid of concern for others. This is where spirit defines the outcome of our wishes to balance the selfishness of those still functioning in lower states of consciousness.

            It is not the nature of spirit to assist only a part, that is, the concerns of one person or group at the expense of another. When selfish outcomes are attempted, the result is often short-lived or detrimental to the person or group. It is the nature of spirit to spread its blessings so that the totality of life benefits. In this statement lies a vital clue to the nature of true success. When goals are achieved that benefit more than just the individual, it is considered magnanimous, powerful, special. Society awards accolades to those who manifest such highly developed levels of awareness. They become our saviors, lords, masters, saints, Nobel Laureates, heroes, and philanthropists. Their uniting characteristic is that they are “givers,” serving the good of the whole, serving the Divine Plan.

            Another way of describing its nature is love — a love for all life. When we try to limit the blessings of spirit to our loved ones and ourselves, we are working against its nature and placing limits on its capacity to bless all. If we fail to understand this, we experience disappointments in life and perhaps even turn away from love in the belief that it does not exist as an overriding principle of life or is too perplexing for us to attempt to demonstrate it for the good of the whole.

            Everything in the universe is created from this cosmic light substance, spirit. Yet in its undifferentiated form, it is pure energy, unformed, undefined, waiting to be activated by thought and out-pictured through inner-visualization and feeling. The pure energy of spirit is hardly a blind, dumb force. Indeed, it formulates plans and strategies and executes the impressions made upon it by thought. Operating beyond time and space, it is not limited in its ability to receive our thoughts and respond by using whatever channel is open and willing to respond. Such is spirit’s genius in working out ITS plan, remaining consistent with its generic nature, even as it manifests our thoughts and dreams.

            This is how the marooned sailor or the lost camper is found. As thought is sent into the infinite, unlimited, unmanifested center of pure consciousness, ̶ cosmic light substance ̶ it responds. Willing entities (free will is always at work) receive thoughts and suggestions to take a different route, to act in a particular manner, all as part of a solution. It is stimulated and enhanced by the power of belief, knowingness, and certainty.

            Thought and belief, which are within our control, determine the speed and certitude of success in our mutual endeavors with spirit. But, it is also our action in response to the opportunities that it presents, which is determinative. For, we are the vehicles that carry out the work of spirit and complete the formula of a mutually reciprocal relationship.



  1. By Ford Johnson