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Glories of the Ascension

by Ford Johnson

The ascension is that stage in the spiritual progress of a human being in which their light/love quotient and vibrational pattern has risen to a level where life’s lessons and inner teachings have become embedded in the soul aspect of the person. The individual realizes their true identity as a being of the Creator and their mission to realize the Divine Plan of achieving the ascension in that lifetime. At this point, the soul of the person unites (fuzzes) with its God Presence that has always dwelled within, to form a new being endowed with the combined attributes of Personality, Divine Wisdom, Infinite Power and Sonship within the higher Cosmic  Consciousness. This great being joins the ranks of those within this Sonship of God, committed to Creator Service and the liberation of humanity struggling in confusion, as once it did, to find its way to Love, Wisdom and Power and the victory of its ascension.

The greatest barrier to higher consciousness and the ascension is ego, the false self that seeks only its own gratification and glorification. It is antithetical to the mind of God and seeks instead its own mind, objectives and logic. It perceives separation whereas the mind of God seeks union, and oneness. Ego has no concept of its creation as it thinks it created itself at the point of physical birth. It takes no thought or idea of what came before and was the true source of our being. It does not know love except as possessiveness. God’s love flows unconditionally to the one that accepts its love, which is omnipresent. As we seek the divine voice and reject the voice of ego we finally discover who we really are and why we were created. With this comes peace and joy that is the intended state of our being as we move closer to the ascension the destiny of all created human beings.

The three sections that follow describe the manner by which the ascension can be experienced. It resolves one of the key questions surrounding the ascension: Is the ascension achieved through the transformation of a living body into its light body after which it rises (ascends) into the inner realms? This question is answered in the first section in which the real experience of a human that ascended in this manner to become one of the Masters of Wisdom and Service (Ascended Masters) is described. His name is David Lloyd whose transcribed book, following his Ascension, is referenced in a footnote at the end of this article.

The process of ascension in the case of the individual that has left behind a physical body is another question that is often asked. This method of ascension is equally valid and should not be ascribed any lesser significance. However, there are certain precautions that the individual must take prior to their passing regarding the efficacy of cremation. These precautions are outlined in a footnote accompanying this second short section.

Finally, the true glories of the ascension are outlined along with other important information in the final section, transmitted by the Hierarch of the Ascension Temple, Master Serapis Bey[2].


Ascension While Remaining in the Physical Body[3]

“If you could imagine—try just for a few moments—My position in having been told in India when I was there with My father, who was on government business, that on a great mountain in North America I would find a Man with a Crystal Cup who would assist Me to the Ascension. Imagine, one starting out to find this place in a great country like America, where there are great ranges of mountains. Think of it—and then to find that mountain, not even knowing the State it was in….

“After long years, when this good Messenger went out to meet Beloved Saint Germain on the side of Mount Shasta, and I had finally come closer and closer each month to that Focus where My Freedom was to come, and that day when I suddenly came upon Him and in His kindness He offered Me a drink of water, in His Hand came the Crystal Cup. Can you imagine the feeling that surged through My Being?

“Now Dear Hearts, there are those in the World who have thought that This Experience of the Ascension upon Mount Shasta was a figment of His imagination. Let Me tell you, it was MIGHTY, REAL, and I was there in the physical body like yours. Then the Great Law of His Presence was released, until these arms were a blazing Light you could not look into, and He took My hands. As I ascended and let go of His hands which grasped Mine, then as My feet were perhaps fifteen feet above His head, that Transformation from the human into the Divine took place within My body. Do you think I did not know every detail which took place, and how I marvel at the almost viciousness of many of mankind that have refused to believe That Experience was Real and True. I stand here tonight in your midst, declaring with the Power and Authority of an Ascended Being, which I have become, the Truth of That, for your blessing and benefit; and let no one in the World stand before Me and tell Me that That Experience was not true, which I experienced in gaining My Freedom from the human limitations and into that Ascended Body in which I shall always remain!

“Dear Hearts, for once, in the Name of God, your “Mighty I AM Presence,” put out of your feeling world all doubts of the Power of your “Mighty Presence” to do this identical thing for you, not only to set you free from human limitations, but also give you your Freedom in the Fullness of your Ascension, which is as practical as anything in the world. That is why, Precious Ones, Saint Germain has asked Me to come to you and convey to you, if possible, My Feeling which I experienced in that Great Achievement—the Ascension; and I want you to know, Dear Hearts, that everything I did, you can do!
“Mark you, Dear Hearts, when I contacted this Beloved Messenger on the side of Mount Shasta, so far as I know, My Light was no more expanded than many of yours today. Will you not feel that, Dear Hearts, and realize that your “Mighty I AM Presence,” the Power of the Universe, the Wisdom of the Universe, may be able to do identically the same thing for you today which It did for Me then.”

“In the experience of Mr. Rayborn, who made His Ascension afterwards, do you not see, Precious Ones, that the evidence is before you of that which Beloved Jesus told the World two thousand years ago and left the Example for mankind; but because the Reality of His Achievement was clothed with misunderstanding of mankind, most of mankind did not even credit It as ever having taken place.”

* * *

Ascension after the Passing of the Physical Body[4]

“Saint Germain has promised us that everyone who sincerely tries can make his ascension in this lifetime or at least in the next if there are extenuating circumstances that require another incarnation. At the time of her [his] passing from the screen of life, the soul will be taken to temples of the Brotherhood and tutored on the inner planes so that [this or] the succeeding embodiment can be the victorious one. The only exception to the Master’s promise would be if the individual, in order to fulfill his divine plan, is required to take embodiment at some future time so that he can complete a specific mission of service agreed upon before his Holy Christ Self and the Lords of Karma.”

* * *

The Glories of the Ascension Process [5]

John the Beloved explains the glories of the ascension: “How can we convey to those of you who have not experienced the influx of the great current of the ascension spiral what this energy is? Shall we say that it is like the splitting of a thousand or ten thousand atoms and man himself being in the center? Shall we say that it is like the explosion of worlds or sun centers? Or shall we say that it is like the unfolding of a lily or a rose?

“Perhaps the poetry of the ascension ought to be written by yourself as you experience that great ritual—perhaps at the close of this life. For as you have been taught, the doors are open to all who will make the call and give the service and apply for the test.

“Line upon line, precept upon precept the victory is won. You are ascending daily. You are ascending the spirals of your own being and your own consciousness. You are not as you were yesterday or last week. And if you are giving daily devotions to the Most High, you are light-years beyond your former self.”

We are grateful to have a description of the changes that take place during the ascension recounted to us by the Hierarch of the Ascension Temple. Serapis says, “Although the form of an individual may show signs of age prior to his ascension, all of this will change, and the physical appearance of the individual will be transformed into the glorified body. The individual ascends, then, not in an earthly body but in a glorified spiritual body into which the physical form is changed on the instant by total immersion in the great God flame.

“Thus man’s consciousness of the physical body ceases, and he achieves a state of weightlessness. This resurrection takes place as the great God flame envelops the remaining shell of human creation and transmutes, in a pattern of cosmic grids, all of the cell patterns of the individual—the skeletal structure, the veinal and arterial systems, the central and sympathetic nervous systems—all bodily processes go through a great metamorphosis.

“The blood in the veins changes to liquid golden Light. The throat chakra glows with an intense blue-white Light. The spiritual eye in the center of the forehead becomes an elongated God flame rising upward. The garments of the individual are completely consumed, and he takes on the appearance of being clothed in a white robe—the seamless garment of the Christ. Sometimes the long hair of the Higher Mental Body (the Christ Self) appears as pure gold on the ascending one; while eyes of any color may become a beautiful electric blue or pale violet.”

Through the ascension the Son becomes one with the Father. He can no longer remain wedded to the earth, for he is filled with the Light of the Sun and he has no further need for a physical body. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the ascending one is changed: his flesh becomes transparent, his veins are filled with golden-pink Light, and the very atoms of his being become lighter and lighter.

The ascension is a raising action that affects the entire being of man. In this weightless condition man’s buoyant, God-free form can no longer be bound to earth.

Serapis continues: “Lighter and lighter grows the physical form, and with the weightlessness of helium, the body begins to rise into the atmosphere, the gravitational pull being loosened.” Therefore he must rise “into the air,” where a cloud of white Light receives him out of mortal sight—and the Son, reuniting with the Father, merges into his omnipresence.”

“This is the glory of the ascension currents. It is the glory of attainment that Jesus demonstrated…. These changes are permanent, and the Ascended One is able to take his Light-body with him wherever he wishes or he may travel without the glorified spiritual body. Ascended Beings can and occasionally do appear upon earth as ordinary mortals, putting on physical garments resembling those of the people of earth and moving among them for cosmic purposes. This Saint Germain did after his ascension when he was known as the Wonderman of Europe. Such an activity is a matter of dispensation received from the Karmic Board.”

Generally, however, Ascended Beings do not return to the physical plane unless there is some specific service requiring this change in vibratory rate. Saint Germain also gives a vision of the goal: “When this gift of the ascension is given to anyone by his own I AM Presence and the Karmic Board, the appearance of age drops from him as swiftly as a smile can raise the lips, and the magnetism and energy of that one becomes the unlimited power of God surging through his being. “The dross of the physical body, the weariness of the emotional body tired of the creations of hatred, the ceaseless rote of the mental body—all drop away and are replaced in perfect ease by their divine counterparts. The feelings become charged by the love of God and the angels. The mind is imbued with the diamond-shining Mind of God—omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. The total being is inspired and aspiring.”

[1] By Ford Johnson

[2] The Temple at Luxor is located in its remaining physical form at Luxor Egypt. Coterminous with that structure in the etheric dimension, the Ascension Flame is sustained under the direction of Ascended Master Serapis Bey. Students seeking instruction from this great Master and others teachers, visit during the dream state or in full consciousness to learn the requirements of the ascension and to prepare themselves for this great victory.

[3] Lloyd, Beloved David (2013-07-26). Vol. 10 – “I AM” Discourses (Saint Germain Series) (Kindle Location 236-256). Kindle Edition.

[4] This process occurs within three to five days following the cessation of the hearts vital functions and after cremation… In the case of those who have earned their ascension but are not able to make a public demonstration by raising the physical body, as Jesus did, they may ascend from the etheric plane. In this case, after the ascension, the physical body that has been laid to rest may still be going through the process of dissolution—unless, of course, it has been cremated. When the physical body has been left behind, the energies focused within it become a part of the untransmuted karma of the Ascended Being that he or she must redeem from the ascended state. Therefore the ritual of cremation is a sacred ritual of those who worship the sun,[the light]…. To return that which is no longer useful to the soul into the flame is a great protection, which cannot be overestimated. It is necessary that your energies, the energies of your body temples that have become so filled with Light, so saturated with Light by your devotion, be sealed in fire,… (Prophet, Mark L.; Prophet, Elizabeth Clare (2010-03-01). The Path to Immortality (Climb the Highest Mountain Book 7) (Kindle Locations 3965- 4037). Summit University Press. Kindle Edition.)

[5] Prophet, Mark L.; Prophet, Elizabeth Clare (2010-03-01). The Path to Immortality (Climb the Highest Mountain Book 7) (Kindle Locations 3469-3475). Summit University Press. Kindle Edition.